Sri Saibaba Baktha Sabha

Posted : 15 Nov, 2013 3:11 am

The Naga Sai Temple at Madurai is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Historical records indicate that the Temple exists since pre-independence days from 1942.

The temple was started by an eminent gathering of Sai devotees, who came together to form the Sri Sai Baba Bhakta Sabha. The Association was registered under the Societies Act, 1945.Its most active members were Shri A Rajamannar Naidu and Dr Suryanarayanan, who were members of the All India Sai Samaj, started by Shri Narasimhaji Swamy in Mylapore, Chennai.

The third convention of the All India Sai Samaj was held in Madurai in 1949, It was a grand affair with the personal organization of Shri S Rajamannar Naidu and Dr Suryanarayanan. The convention was blessed by the presence of Shri Narasimhaji Swami himself.

The temple was initially located within the campus of Sree Meenkshi Sundareshwarar Temple's Mela Adi Veedhi, until 1959.In 1964, Shri A Rajamannar Naidu and Ramarathina Ammal family donated 35 cents of land at Gandhi Nagar for the construction of a temple of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

The new temple was a beehive of activities since its consecration in 1964. And was witness to a number of events and festivals.Thousands of Sai devotees thronged the temple festival days, and it became a popular destination for visitors to Madurai.

Temple Timings:    

06:00     Temple opens                

06:30     Abhishekam to Shri Naga Sai Baba

07:00     Morning Aarti

11:30     Mid Day Aarti

12:00     Morning Darshan closes

17:00     Temple Opens for Evening Darshan

18:30     Evening Aarti

20:00     Night Aarti

21:00     Temple Closes

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